This website is maintained by the Shasta Sky Sailors, INC - the pioneers and developers of Hat Creek Rim. We are very proud of our decades of development and maintenance at the site. Our efforts include, but are not limited to the following:

Pioneering the site back in 1974 (Bob Norris), developing 2 launches, roads, setup & parking areas. The #3 lz, which more than doubles the safe soaring area of the Rim, was cleared by us in 1993. Since 1974 we've shouldered the requirements of the forest service, including their 1996 requirement to have a Special Use Permit. The use permit. along with our longstanding working relationship with the forest service, allowed for cattle guards at the entrance of the #1 & 2 lz (something we had wanted for a long time). It also allowed for the huge parking area at the main launch and an improved road there, and at the #2 LZ. Over the decades we placed tons of ground cover at main launch to prevent the volcanic dust that once stained our gliders. We added a porta-potty to the most popular LZ -the #2.

Our group was proudly involved with every improvement at the site and in the majority of cases, provided the funding and labor. Our work was always a labor of love. It was our way of giving back to the sport that provides so much satisfaction to so many.

In July of 2014, after 40 years (and a decades of vandalism and other BS, we felt we'd done more than our share of giving back so we retired. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OF THE EXTENSIVE FLYING RELATED GUIDES AND INFORMATION WERE REMOVED FROM THIS SITE due to the high probability that those pages, like much of our work, would be claimed by 'The Real Pilots of Hat Creek Rim'.

The links on the left are still active as are some of the links above. the site map offers visitors a good overall layout of the site. The 'videos', 'donations and volunteers at work' and the 'respect the rim' links are still active.  The camping/lodging link is packed with info for visitors to the site.

A special thanks to the flying community for their decades of support and donations. Your donations and support were vital to the development and maintenance of the site.

Fly safe.

NOTE FOR DISPERSED CAMPERS - Campfire Permits are now available online :)


Despite the prediction by some of impending doom of our sport if the USHPA can't raise the money to self-insure, HAT CREEK RIM (like many other California flying sites) will remain open despite the outcome. Come on up and enjoy true 'free flight'.




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